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Call It a Night Official Production Journal
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Subject:Революция в Курении!
Time:12:22 pm
Current Mood:lovedloved

Сигaрeты без огня, запаха и пепла!

Без канцерогенов, смол и других продуктов горения.

Сигaрeты без огня, запаха и пепла!

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Current Music:"Can't Stop Feeling"-Franz
Subject:It was so beautiful
Time:09:43 pm
Current Mood:disappointedresigned
Well we wrote a wonderful script. We made some gorgeous film. I make an awful man but I tried.

It's over, not done, but over. We learned some lessons about who we can rely on, and that's okay.

And it was great fun. Maybe we'll get together to watch Public Enemy and the footage we have. It would be fun.

But I felt we couldn't just leave the loose end of this community lieing there. So now it's tidy.
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Current Music:Alright 4 2 Nite – Strong Bad (Dangeresque 1)
Subject:Time for a comeback!
Time:03:09 pm
Current Mood:busy
It's the return of the Call It a Night production blog!

Just a reminder that, at least for now, filming is (finally) on for next Sunday, April 24. Time TBD, though it'll be in the afternoon. I believe we're planning on doing the two secret hideout scenes, correct? Which will be filmed at Betsy's? I have the sacks we were going to use for money bags in the first scene; I'll bring them. I'll also try to get my lines memorized to the point where I can say them without laughing (though I still might have trouble saying them to Chris without laughing). If you can think of some subtle way of nagging Chris to learn his at some point before Sunday, that'd be excellent.

If we get the hideout scenes done on Sunday, we'll have the following scenes left to film:
-Diner meeting scene
-O'Grady voiceover (we have the filming done, but we have to get the voice in so it matches the movements)
-Mail truck robbery
-Bank exterior meeting
-End of bank heist

These are all harder-to-coordinate ones, but I could see us getting it all finished in about three more days of filming. What do you think? I'd especially like to do the diner one soon, so that the Grove people no longer have to wonder and worry about when we might be requesting the use of their restaurant. Mail truck would be good too, for similar reasons (we shouldn't leave Emma and Ross waiting around on call like this). Betsy and I picked May 31 as the day by which we'd like to have all the filming finished. Then I guess we'll have to wait until all this Europe trip stuff is over before finshing up all the editing, credits, etc., though if Craig isn't going anywhere then maybe he can work on editing (and come to think of it, I won't be anywhere either).

Please comment with ideas/concerns/whatever's good.
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Time:09:39 pm
Current Mood:bezerk
Okay so we did filming on Blythe confrontation. It was great many thanks to Ryan. Shorty did not shoot us in the alley.

the rest of the filming is as planned barring catastrophe:
Sunday/ Monday: cast speakeasy extras, inform folks
Monday studyhall: do voice over for monologue
Tuesday: afterschool prepare at Betsy's house, Secret Hideout, Bank exterior/interior
Wednesday: after early out prepare at Betsy's, Mailtruck, Diner, then later in evening (aiming at 7) speakeasy scenes

Then we'll do editing. It'll be grand and done in time.

Craig has what we've filmed so far already on his computer.

I was thinking about the failed projects today. The Werewolves of London, Bargain Hunting, the two films that didn't get made. And maybe it's all for the best. Because "Call It a Night" is shaping up so much better than I can see either of those having been. Yet if we had made either we probably wouldn't be doing another film. Meaning this gangster movie wouldn't've been considered. So I am content. As long as we finish up this sucker.

Once we survive next week we'll be fine.
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Time:06:52 pm
Current Mood:guiltyguilty
Uh…never mind.

1.) I was a week early. It was the tenth, not the third. I'm an idiot.

2.) Now the deadline's been extended anyway.

Sorry for getting all mad unnecessarily, guys. I won't do it again. But still, let's film soon, okay? I don't know about you all, but I'm going away over spring break, so if we leave it all to do over break, I won't be around, and that'll make me sad. Chris says he can film next weekend (I'll have speech, but only briefly), so let's do that, and if we can do any before that, that'd be great. Thanks, everyone.
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Subject:Decision time.
Time:04:58 pm
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
Films are due NEXT THURSDAY. That means we have seven days left to finish it. So make a decision. If you don't want to make this film, fine. Tell me so that I know. And if you do want to make it, then make a plan and let people know and let's DO IT, because I am getting pretty damn tired of waiting around and hoping that, through some miracle, things will get done without us actually doing them.
So: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Those are the days we have left. On which of those days, if any, will we film? Decide. I'm as busy as the rest of you, but I am willing – and eager – to make time for this project. But I'm not going to carry this all by myself.
And if I sound like some kind of angst-ridden housewife from "Can This Marriage Be Saved?", I'm sorry. But the fact is, it's awfully hard to do something like this when nobody's doing it with you.

For the record, I currently have unavoidable conflicts:
Wednesday afternoon
Thursday night
Friday evening
Saturday afternoon (well, not entirely unavoidable, but…)
Sunday early evening
Monday afternoon
…But I'll see what I can compromise if necessary.

Now, are we a go, or not?
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Current Music:You Can Always Count on Me – City of Angels
Subject:Chicago streetscapes, skylines, etc.
Time:04:11 pm
Current Mood:busy
I went Googling for pictures of 20's Chicago to use for our opening stuff (montage?), our closing credits, random in-between shots, or whatever else you can think of. Check 'em out and see which you like. Post a comment if you think a certain one would be good for some specific purpose.

Picture 1 is an interior shot of a Chicago saloon. I don't know if it's from a movie or what, though I assume it is. Probably it won't be of any use, but it was the first one I found. I'm sticking it in here just in case it inspires some brainstorm or something.
Picture 1Collapse )

Picture 2 is of a Chicago avenue. Featuring prominently is the New Chicago Lunch restaurant. I don't know if this would be particularly good for anything either, but I like it, so here it is anyway.
Picture 2Collapse )

Picture 3 is a sort of aerial view with some skyscrapers in it, but '20s-looking skyscrapers. Kind of cool, I guess.
Picture 3Collapse )

Picture 4 is more '20s skyscrapers, but different-looking. And I guess maybe it's by the river or something. I like this one better than the above one, personally.
Picture 4Collapse )

Picture 5 is, as it turns out, actually from the '30s and not the '20s. But I found that out after I got the picture, and frankly I like the picture so much I don't care when it's from. It looks similar to the others, and it's probably from the early '30s and not late, so I think we'd be okay.
Picture 5Collapse )
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Subject:A little good news, mostly bad news.
Time:03:41 pm
Current Mood:sadmiserable
Here's what's happening: Ross and Jeremy have officially agreed to be our mail truck driver and C.J. Wilkington, respectively. But unfortunately, now that we've got our people who are to be seduced by Chris, Chris appears to be backing out. He says we should film after school instead. I don't know what he's talking about; everybody's got stuff after school, including (and especially, once play rehearsals start) him.

Anyway, I suppose that our scheduled Saturday morning filming is postponed until further notice, unless somebody can get Chris to do it. Frankly, I am despairing of ever getting this thing made. We'll never get any progress made after school; if we don't film on the weekends, we'll never film at all. I am extremely dejected and unable to see any way to get this done if Chris won't do Saturdays.

Also, my mother didn't have a chance to get the Union for us for Saturday (although she could still try again if I asked her to and she had enough time). But probably that's okay, because she did get the Farmhouse Museum (yes, it's mostly the wrong time period, but apparently it has some rooms that would make fine secret hideouts) for us for next Friday when we don't have school. I know we're having our Valentine's party that day, but let's make time for filming too. Of course, that's assuming that we ever manage to get any filming done at all. I really, really want to, of course – you know how attached to this movie I am – but I just don't know. If Chris won't, then I don't think we can, you know? But we've made too much progress for us to throw it out the window. Not to mention, I think it's pretty cool to have the Farmhouse – I want to take advantage of that. You won't believe this, but when she was asking the curator for permission, my mom mentioned how we came up with this whole thing – with my Bell's palsy and everything – and the curator said that she'd had Bell's palsy too! So apparently that was part of the reason why she decided to give us permission, or something.

But anyway…I guess if we want to be optimistic, then…maybe we could still work Saturday. Craig, any chance of us being able to do the credits (i.e., at your house; I know it's horrible and impolite to invite ourselves over this way, but we would need your computer) then? Let us know, okay? Or maybe we could do the scene with O'Grady's monologue, if we could just find some way of not needing to make an instant segue into the mail truck scene. Is there some kind of shot we could have in between them? Or maybe if we could get Ryan, we could do the part with Blythe…but I don't know what we would do for costumes…

I don't know, guys. I'm very depressed about this whole thing. I'm trying, but I don't know who else is, and it's a very sad and lonely feeling. Can't anyone think of some way to make all this work? If you can, please let me know. I'll be lying here in on my floor in a heap of misery and despair.
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Time:08:44 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
We've got all of Edna Mae's costume, including a lovely wig.
Halfface has an awesome suit, makes me wish I could walk on the the wrong side of the law.

Saturday morning we plan to film the cafe scene assuming the Grove will let us.
Secret Hideout? will be filmed if we can find one.

Carry on.
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Time:09:22 pm
Current Mood:busy
Okay so if you know anything that looks remotely like one of these please, please help. Even if you've only stumbled across this blog! We're desperate maybe you're in the area sort of. We can't cut the mailtruck scene. SO we need a truck. A '20's truck.

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Call It a Night Official Production Journal
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